Counselor's Corner

Helpful Advice on Many Subjects

Author: Allison Carver
Pub Date: August 2013
ISBN: 978-0-9853441-8-4
Format: Trade Paperback & eBook
Genre: Counseling/Advice/Cooking/Family
Price: $9.99 Trade Paperback
$4.99 eBook

Many people hear the word therapy and run the opposite direction. Therapist Allison Carver hopes it will have you running to your kitchen. With Cooking Therapy, she has created a way for families to communicate, connect, and come together all in one location. Through recipes, anecdotes, and therapeutic tips, Carver has mapped out a way to reinvent the family mealtime by bringing everyone together before and during a meal. It is that time at the dinner table and the act of cooking together that Carver believes is the secret to improving communication in the family.

Author: Pamela Milam
Pub Date: March 2012
ISBN: 978-09836049-5-2
Format: Trade Paperback
Genre: Counseling/Advice
Price: $9.99 Trade Paperback
$3.99 eBook

This premarital counseling guidebook for gay and lesbian couples explores common issues faced by all couples as well as some issues which are unique to gay and lesbian couples. In this guidebook, you'll find composite case studies illustrating real problems and creative solutions, and you'll find probing questions designed to help you learn more about your mate.

Author: Pamela Milam
Pub Date: November 2011
ISBN: 978-0-9836049-6-9
Format: eBook
Genre: 39 page article (10,400 words)
Price: $2.99

This article utilizes informative facts and composite client stories to provide tips and insight regarding topics like finding support, managing your emotions, talking with your children, and redefining your life. Whether you are contemplating divorce, moving through it, or in the aftermath from it, these ten rules offer guidance during stressful times and help you move toward a happier, healthier life.